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Sentinel/Sentinel2_CR (ImageServer)

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Service Description: Sentinel/Sentinel2_CR

Name: Sentinel/Sentinel2_CR


Single Fused Map Cache: false

Extent: Initial Extent: Full Extent: Time Info: Pixel Size X: 10.0

Pixel Size Y: 10.0

Band Count: 13

Pixel Type: U16

RasterFunction Infos: {"rasterFunctionInfos": [ { "name": "Natural Color with DRA", "description": "Natural Color bands red, green, blue (4, 3, 2) displayed with dynamic range adjustement applied on apparent reflectance.", "help": "" }, { "name": "Agriculture with DRA", "description": "Bands shortwave IR-1, near-IR, blue (11, 8a, 2) with dynamic range adjustement applied on apparent reflectance. Vigorous veg. is bright green, stressed veg. dull green and bare areas as brown.", "help": "" }, { "name": "Bathymetric with DRA", "description": "Bands red, green, coastal/aerosol(4, 3, 1) with Dynamic Range Adjustment applied on apparent reflectance. Useful bathymetric mapping applicaitons.", "help": "" }, { "name": "NDVI Classified", "description": "Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) with colormap. Dark Blue represents vigorous vegetation and green represents sparse vegetation.", "help": "" }, { "name": "Color Infrared with DRA", "description": "Bands near-infrared, red, green (8a, 4, 3) with dynamic range adjustement applied on apparent reflectance. Healthy vegetation is bright red while stressed vegetation is dull red.", "help": "" }, { "name": "Geology with DRA", "description": "Bands shortwave IR-1, near-IR, blue (12, 11, 2) with dynamic range adjustement applied on apparent reflectance. Vigorous veg. is bright green, stressed veg. dull green and bare areas as brown.", "help": "" }, { "name": "NDMI Colorized", "description": "Normalized Difference Moisture Index with color map. Wetlands and moist areas appear blue whereas dry areas are represented by deep yellow and brown color. It is computed as NIR(B8)-SWIR1(B11)/NIR(B8)+SWIR1(B11).", "help": "" }, { "name": "NDVI Colormap", "description": "Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) with colormap. Dark green represents vigorous vegetation and brown represents sparse vegetation. It is computed as (b8 - b4) / (b8 + b4) and is suitable for vegetation, land cover and plant health monitoring.", "help": "" }, { "name": "NDVI Raw", "description": "Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) computed as (b8 - b4) / (b8 + b4)", "help": "" }, { "name": "NDVI - VRE only Raw", "description": "The NDVI - VRE only (NDVI705) Raw index is computed as VRE(Band06)-VRE(Band05)/VRE(Band06)+VRE(Band05) and is most suitable for precision agriculture, forest monitoring and vegetation stress detection. This index is an alteration of the NDVI index and unlike the NDVI index which uses bands from the main absorption and reflectance peaks, this index uses the bands along the red edge. The VRE bands are very sensitive to minor changes in canopy foliage content, gap fraction and deterioration.", "help": "" }, { "name": "NDVI - with VRE Raw", "description": "The NDVI - with VRE(NDRE) Raw index is computed as NIR(Band08)-VRE(Band05)/NIR(Band08)+VRE(Band05), also known as NDRE (Normalized Difference Red Edge) and is more appropriate than NDVI index for intensive management applications throughout the growing season. It is a modification of the NDVI index, however works as a better measure of vegetation health than NDVI especially for mid-late season crops that have elevated levels of chlorophyll because VRE bands are more translucent to leaves than red light and hence is seldom completely absorbed by a canopy.", "help": "" }, { "name": "NDWI - with VRE Raw", "description": "The NDWI - with VRE Raw index is computed as Green(Band03)-VRE(Band05)/Green(Band03)+VRE(Band05) and is most suitable for mapping of water bodies, droughts, boundary evaluation. This index is an alteration of the NDWI index and unlike the NDWI index which uses the NIR band, this index uses VRE band05 along the red edge.", "help": "" }, { "name": "Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) Visual", "description": "The Normalized Burn Ratio Index (NBRI) uses the NIR and SWIR bands to emphasize burned areas, while mitigating illumination and atmospheric effects. Your images should be corrected to reflectance values before using this index. The index requires the following wavelengths: 2200 865. The index supports the following sensors: Landsat-8 ;Sentinel-2. Reference:", "help": "" }, { "name": "Short-wave Infrared with DRA", "description": "Bands shortwave infrared2, shortwave infrared1, red (12, 11, 4) with dynamic range adjustment applied on apparent reflectance.", "help": "" }, { "name": "None", "description": "", "help": "" } ]}

Mensuration Capabilities:

Has Histograms: true

Has Colormap: false

Has Multi Dimensions : false

Rendering Rule:

Min Scale: 0

Max Scale: 0

Copyright Text:

Service Data Type: esriImageServiceDataTypeGeneric

Min Values: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

Max Values: 9583, 11128, 10581, 11913, 12272, 12318, 12014, 13028, 12445, 6066, 2991, 10636, 11365

Mean Values: 1395.5422501110604, 1139.3388107344417, 1017.283046911239, 906.9567367937631, 1174.624657968844, 2028.903685061349, 2393.1472722059307, 2353.3702991387786, 2614.5905562096978, 878.9992762855621, 13.712362911789278, 1610.2680904968852, 976.6395608135454

Standard Deviation Values: 790.1684443036453, 804.414474250857, 745.2720655393081, 893.2465957870868, 895.9879350611135, 926.3126474326253, 1008.917298988902, 970.0192079372667, 1032.9714814698075, 474.19278828448824, 11.331956200970541, 703.1165646956649, 558.9629235927521

Object ID Field: OBJECTID

Fields: Default Mosaic Method: ByAttribute

Allowed Mosaic Methods: ByAttribute,NorthWest,Center,LockRaster,Nadir,Viewpoint,Seamline,None

SortField: AcquisitionDate

SortValue: 0

Mosaic Operator: First

Default Compression Quality: 85

Default Resampling Method: Bilinear

Max Record Count: 2000

Max Image Height: 5000

Max Image Width: 5000

Max Download Image Count: 50

Max Mosaic Image Count: 50

Allow Raster Function: true

Allow Compute TiePoints: false

Supports Statistics: true

Supports Advanced Queries: true

Use StandardizedQueries: true

Raster Type Infos: Has Raster Attribute Table: false

Edit Fields Info: null

Ownership Based AccessControl For Rasters: null

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